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Features of the LPR Appliance:

  • Pre-installed PlateSmart LPR software
  • Support for 2 cameras via PoE with 30W per port.
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Remote management module included
  • Edge processing and storage
  • Out-of-the-box option: VNS will license and set IP address for customer provided cameras
  • NEMA 3R enclosure: 14" X 12" X 8"
  • Network connectivity options for Fiber, Cat 6, WIFI, Radio and LTE
  • Complete solution includes edge processor, camera power and connections, internal surge
    protection voltage supply, remote management module and network connectivity
VNS has partnered with PlateSmart Technologies to bring to market ok edge the  PlateSmart
enabled V7300 LPR appliance which is specifically engineered for LPR operations at the network
edge. The solution contains computing, network connectivity, remote maintenance capability, Power-
over-Ethernet (PoE) for cameras and pre-installed
PlateSmart ARES LPR software. The appliance’s
custom-designed aluminum enclosure is NEMA 3R-rated and can be mounted externally on a wall
or pole adjacent to the camera(s). The V7300 LPR appliance supports up to four IP cameras of the
customer’s choosing, which are connected to the box via Cat 6 Ethernet cables at pre-wired ports.
This allows the cameras to be installed up to 100 m from the appliance.

Connection to the customer's network can be via Ethernet (Fiber or Cat 6), WIFI, Radio or LTE
allowing access to the PlateSmart ARES Viewer, which allows real-time monitoring, and PlateSmart
ARES Reporter for more detailed reporting of vehicle data.

Download the
V7300 LPR Appliance datasheet.          Read Security.World Product Review